The KTH Innovation Readiness Level™ is a complete framework for guiding idea development and assessing idea status across key dimensions. It provides structure and support for idea owners as well as coaches and managers in the development of an early stage idea to an innovation on the market.


The model assesses the idea development on a scale from 1 to 9 in six key areas of innovation development.

For each area, clear definitions of the different levels are given as well as milestones and activities that are needed to reach each level.

The model is a highly useful tool for teams developing ideas and coaches or managers supporting idea development to measure progress and status. The model is supplied via access to an online resource library where all descriptions and documents can be found. 


When working with new ideas you might have experienced problems with obtaining an objective assessment of an idea’s status and a structure for guiding and measuring progress in all relevant areas for innovation development. 

The KTH Innovation Readiness Level™ is designed to help you easily and quickly establish a common view, shared language and structure for innovation development – from an early stage and throughout the development and verification of the idea.


Advancing through the readiness levels of each area, there is criteria to meet and milestones to reach.

This is an example of the criteria for the Business Model Readiness Level – BRL.

Further milestones and actions are associated with each of the levels.